Philippine Stock Exchange: Market Updates – December 18, 2013

Bargain Hunting Might Ignite The Start Of The Santa Claus Rally
Bargain hunters taking advantage of the last week’s sell-offs are now buying up the local market leaving all counters green to an all shares close of 3,621.97. The main index soared 2% breaking the 5,900-level to 5,928.99. The Santa Claus rally may now be upon as we expect strong performance from the market mainly attributed to window-dressing and the usual December robustness of trading during every year-end.

SOC Share Buyback Transactions
South China Resources, Inc. (SOC) repurchased a total of 250,000 shares from the open market yesterday, 17 December. 150,000 of the said shares were bought back at a purchase price of Php 1.00 apiece and 100,000 shares at a price of Php 1.02 apiece.

LOTO Share Buyback Transactions
Pacific Online Systems Corporation (LOTO) repurchased a 5,000 shares from the market yesterday that were bought back at a price of Php 15.56 apiece.

PSE All Shares
Close : 3,621.97
Volume : 898,039,884
Value : 9,295,972,113.44

Foreign Buying = Php 3,431,534,735.51
Foreign Selling = Php 6,356,874,990.82
Net Foreign Selling = Php 2,925,340,255.31
Total Foreign = Php 9,788,409,726.33

Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

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